Other activities that go with the profession of journalist and photographer, the production of images and texts

Scientific Director of the Master in Communication and Travel Culture (Writing, Photography, Video, Web, Media and Tourism), created with the CTS Study Center and the Italian Geographical Society. With the aim of improving the ability to analyze the reasons of interest of a geographical and cultural context and with the objective of telling about travel for the media industry and to create travel profiles for the tourism industry. Interactive lessons, meetings with specialists, field trips. Born in 2010, the Master starts its third year (April/July 2012)


Photography (and sometimes also writing) workshops. Photographic workshop “From North to South when the journey becomes photography”, organized by Bluocean and sponsored by the National Geographic Italy, two events in Sicily and Calabria: “Noto Valley, south of all souths: between Baroque, greenhouses, oasis” (25-30 May 2012) and “Before the Bridge, through a land crossroad of cultures: from the Strait to the Aeolian Islands “(2-7 June 2012). Photographic workshop in India organized by Travel Shot, on the occasion of the next Pushkar Fair (November 2012). Laboratory of writing and photography, during the Festival of Travel Writing (September 2010 and 2011). Miniworkshops about photography and travel writing in the first edition of Cortona On the Move Travel Photography, in collaboration with Toscana Photographic Workshop (July 2011). Portfolio readings for Fotoleggendo Officine Fotografiche and FotoGrafia international Festival of Rome (2009 and 2010)


Documentary “The boundary of the millennium”, three episodes (28 minutes each) realized with Sud Nord for Canale Viaggi. Reports (on the Millennium in London and on expectations of the millennium in the Pacific Islands) broadcast by Rai in the programme Alle falde del Kilimangiaro. Participation in three episodes on Polynesia of the programme Turisti per caso, broadcast by Rai, with Patrizio Roversi and Syusy Blady: “From Bora Bora to Puerto Escondido”, “Until almost the end of the world”, “Rangiroa-Moorea”. Documentary, together with Francesco Cabras, “The other side of the Moai”, realized with Orisa produzioni (Ethnographic Prize at the International Festival of Touristic Film, 1997), 28 minutes

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urator of the programme of the Festival of Travel Writing, since its birth in Rome in 2008, an event promoted by the Italian Geographical Society and Federculture. The storytelling of the world through various forms of narration of travel, places and cultures: from literature to journalism, from cinema to photography, from music to theater, coming across geography and history. Four days, in late September, of meetings with authors, exhibitions, awards, tv and film festivals, concerts, theater performances, video and photo screenings, lectures, lectio magistralis, photography and writing workshops. The fifth edition, due from 27 to 30 September 2012, is currently being planned

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Multimedia “Passages to Italy: Inside the Quirinal and Finis Terrae”, on the occasion of the first festival Cortona On The Move Travel Photography, with images of the reportages realized for National Geographic Italy. Editing: Celeste Taliani. Assistants: Ilaria Campodonico, Elena Ceccarelli, Massimiliano Palumbo. Music: Neffa, Ryuichi Sakamoto

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Video-interviews (to the writers Claudio Magris, Amos Oz, Predrag Matvejevic and Gianrico Carofiglio, director Gabriele Salvatores, archaeologist Paolo Matthiae) for the Festival of Travel Writing 2009

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“Travel Photography”, handbook made for the website of Nikon Italy, with texts and 150 images. Structure: Introduction, Preparing the travel, Equipment, Light, Telling through images, Come into contact, Composition, Seven typical situations (Landscape and nature, People and everyday life, Events and rituals, Monuments and architecture, First and last light, Waters, On The Move), Small Anthology (on taking pictures, travelling, seeing)

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